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Intercom Systems NY

With Intercom NY you can feel secure.
Intercom NY delivers smart, interactive technologies that help your home & office operate more easily and efficiently.

Intercom NY

Intercom Systems NY

Intercom systems are a reliable form of protection for homes and businesses. The digital technology of intercom systems of today make for easy-to-understand communication. Effective security for businesses; intercoms are often used in tall buildings for communication between employees and workers from different floor levels. They are used in small businesses as well. A two-way conversation allows interrogation of visitors from your office to determine whether or not they are suspicious. Wireless intercom systems have leaped in popularity as they now offer methods of contacting people for assistance. Systems can also come with the added benefit of a smoke detector or fire alarm. They deter crime by making visitors realize they have to make their identity known prior to entering.

Room-to-room communication makes an intercom system a clear winner in home security. Whole-house communication can be used with a push of a button. Home intercom systems allow you to screen visitors and turn away unwanted guest such as salesmen. Installed at the front door, you can answer intercoms with your iPhone or iPad. Remote communication is made with either a phone, internet or handheld device. No need to hear a constant buzzing sound every time someone wants to communicate with you.

Intercom systems can be paired with cameras. This allows visual assurance while children play or sleep in a nursery. The system can create recordings of visitors arriving at your door whether you are there or if you are away from home. The added convenience of not having to answer a door to see who is there means your time is used wisely. Home systems have remote-controlled features which allow interruptions of audio or streaming video. It places a live video stream on the person outside the home which can be watched on your big-screen television. Audio/video intercom systems secure your home and give you peace of mind.

Such systems are a perfect solution to businesses suffering from theft or vandalism. The audio/video combination makes it easy to guard restricted areas. Video recordings will leave records of people who have entered the property with dates and times. Criminals would rather deal with weaker security than with one that will show faces, heights, dates and times. Office communication too can be enhanced with intercom systems. The popularity of intercom systems is astounding. Hospitals, schools, and businesses use intercom systems to communicate internally and for safety reasons. Announcements can be projected across a parking lot or campus. Especially useful in emergency situations, many audio/video systems can be operated remotely from your phone. Doors can be locked and unlocked remotely in any area of your business. Higher communication and productivity is a natural result of using intercom systems.

Features of intercom systems include time-based call forwarding, timed announcements by group, paging implementation, emergency calls by individual stations group. They can be used to open gates for deliveries, and to give remote access to individuals in other parts of the building. These systems provide secure protection for homes as well as businesses. Protect what is yours with the latest technological advances. The benefits will assist your business to thrive and keep your home secure from intruders.

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Unique Intercom Systems

Keeping homes and businesses secure is vital in these times. The tall skyscrapers of NYC are a prime example of where intercom systems can make a tremendous difference for the better in terms of overall security for the building.

Intercom System

Door Bell

Doorbell intercom systems are excellent for a basic level of security for stores, offices, small businesses and residences.

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Audio & Video Systems

Audio-video intercoms are superior to audio intercoms because, not only can a resident hear the person requesting entry, they can see them as well. If there is anything suspicious about it, the authorities can be contacted immediately.

Door Bell

Phone-Entry Systems

What are phone-entry intercoms? They work in the same way as other audio intercom systems, but rather than a buzzer directed to an intercom station, the signal is sent to your phone system.

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