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Intercom Systems NY

With Intercom NY you can feel secure.
Intercom NY delivers smart, interactive technologies that help your home & office operate more easily and efficiently.

About Us

about usIn the present climate of increased theft rates, security measures to protect your home or business are essential. Every 5.4 seconds there is a burglary in the United States. Intercom NY provides the latest technology with various interactive equipment to guard your family and business. Leaders in the security industry, committed to providing the highest quality of protection available, we are licensed, bonded, and insured, guaranteeing a professional and trouble-free installation. Our unique intercom systems include audio/visual systems, doorbell and phone entry.

Audio/Visual Intercom Systems

The benefit of using this system is the ability to make audio and visual confirmation of who is asking for access. If anything seems out of the ordinary, authorities can be contacted immediately. Do not settle for just an audio system when the benefits of video improve security measures. All missed visitors are captured on video. The audio/visual intercom system is an efficient package focused on safety and convenience. The benefit of having the visual component increases the effectiveness of the intercom. Details such as uniforms or badges can be visually inspected with this system.

Doorbell Security is perfect for small businesses and offices. The intercom system allows communication between visitors and owners. Visitors just push a button while you communicate from the safety of your office. Having a two-way conversation can assist in determining the reason for the visit and if they are familiar to you. This increased security measure thwarts potential threats. You are in control of the conversation and the decision making.

Phone-Entry Intercoms

This system works similarly to the Audio intercom system, but instead of a buzzer the signal is sent to your phone for a convenient method of delivery. No need to hear the buzzing sound daily. Your phone's ringtone can be changed so it will never grate on nerves. The clarity of the phone-entry intercom is phenomenal. Created from digital technology, the intercoms of today offer crisp, clear communication. Over 4 billion people entrust their property to NY Intercom systems.

Intercom Systems for Business

These systems are essential for protecting businesses from theft and vandalism. A variety and combination of our intercom systems and cameras work 24/7 in providing a barrier against theft. The intercoms offer the perfect solutions for clear communication between personnel and amongst different floor levels. Even the tall buildings of New York are secured with the high technology of our intercom systems. We set the industry standard for reliable solutions to deterring criminals.

Intercoms are the most popular security measure in New York City. We care about keeping you and your property secure and safe. Let our professional installation and service show what can be done to suit your needs. Having the highest quality of intercom systems available keep our standards at the apex of the industry. Allow us to give you a new sense of security knowing you have implemented the best available security system in the nation. Intercom NY is the leader in security for your residence or business. Contact us via phone of email.

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